If I’m so great, why do I get nowhere in life?



Humbly speaking I’m often told by people I meet how outgoing I am smart,talented, charismatic, a real networker which is true. ¬†Everyone I meet wants me to sell for them and I am constantly giving out excellent free advise on multiple topics. For example, I was speaking to a woman who wants to have a beauty salon on wheels. Buy a trailer and go to neighborhoods. Well I rattle off 15 things she should do in a New York second. Her eyes got huge. She loved me. Told me I was talented and she would pay me to work with her. I must decline. I have too many jobs now building other people up. There are many reasons I should be extremely successful by now because I know head and what’s it’s capable of, it’s a lot.

Why can’t I do that for myself? I could give you a list but I’m going to call myself out on a few. I stir to many pots and don’t serve up any food. I’ve started more companies that I can’t remember them all. I’ve been sitting on a screenplay that could have been finished 9 months ago but now I’m investigating writing a novel. I’m 80 pages into to the thing, I need 20 more!

Now the book idea is not that taxing. I will have to write some but since I have been writing funny articles for a while I have plenty,throw in my poetry, I have a book. I will have to write a thread to connect them though. Why I’m not teaching a dance class, just one is the stupidest not move ever! I could rack in some dough.

THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM. Internet hell. I’ve wasted more time building my multiple companies blogs, websites and social media platforms. Every time there is some fuck up with a plugin or cross-platform connection. I’ve literally have taught myself how to go into the scary land of CSS and mess with my Java coding! I’M NOT AN IT PERSON- Oh yes I am!

I am a single mother with two boys. I do have a job that I work harder than I have to. I have another job and I do have depression. If I can promote other people why can’t I promote myself? Like right now, I could be writing on my screenplay but I’m writing this. Well it’s on Mary. You will, in this order:

finish your script,
assemble your book.
teach one dance class girl. come on.

Typing that made me feel like jeez that’s not a lot. I can no longer council and promote others. I waste HOURS reading emails and research about marketing. ¬†No more I say!

There done deal, there’s no turning back! MARY, NO TURNING BACK!



I am a writer, poet, humorist, screenwriter, blogger. I am not a label. Out of tragedy comes comedy. I see hysterical in the simple. This is my head. I live an extraordinary ordinary life. I am inspired, creative, passionate and fiery. I have been through and will continue. I will put it down and hope you pick it up. I am exposed, vulnerable, honest and authentic. I am sarcastic and witty. My favorite thing to do is watch life and laugh and cry and start over again. I invite you to laugh, release and lighten up with me. When life has kicked your butt, it's all about the comedy! Comedy fuels me, poetry soothes me, and dancing ignites...

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