We are all precious in God’s loving eyes
And I know there is not one that He will deny
But I’m angry and sad with tears in my eyes
I see struggle and pain all around to survive 

I often go through life without a dollar in my pocket
For days I go on and nobody knows
I have never gone hungry or homeless not once
But I have had many days that I’ve felt all alone

I’m confused why so many are poor, homeless and hungry
Why evil is rampant and running among us
Why some people never will know abuse
And others of us know it as our personal truth

Hopeless, fear, abandoned and discarded
Babies among us are often disregarded
As someone else’s problem to fix
While many are living in pretty houses of sticks 

There are many so many whose struggle is far harder
Whose days feel much longer and road is much farther
I am blessed truly blessed for the life that I have
For the scars I’ve endured the injuries I’ve had 

Without my history I would not be me
A women who has compassion for pain and disease
For sorrow and darkness and sadness and shame
I relate at some level I cannot complain 

I know we’re all precious in God’s tender eyes
I will believe and continue to the day that I die
I won’t get the answers to why God oh why
But I’ll trust Him to help me help others to thrive 

Not just survive. 


I am a writer, poet, humorist, screenwriter, blogger. I am not a label. Out of tragedy comes comedy. I see hysterical in the simple. This is my head. I live an extraordinary ordinary life. I am inspired, creative, passionate and fiery. I have been through and will continue. I will put it down and hope you pick it up. I am exposed, vulnerable, honest and authentic. I am sarcastic and witty. My favorite thing to do is watch life and laugh and cry and start over again. I invite you to laugh, release and lighten up with me. When life has kicked your butt, it's all about the comedy! Comedy fuels me, poetry soothes me, and dancing ignites...

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