There are not enough words in the English language to define the person you are to me. There’s not enough emotions to share or compare that can shine light or insight to you Mother you see.

The first words that come to my mind, when I think of you are compassion, self-sacrifice and love. Always ready to listen, not judge, to help and to pray to God above, on my behalf… Thank you.

As a child I did not know the road you walked, you hummed as you trudged along. Always a smile in the morning light after a night dark you just made it right… you just DID.

I now know how difficult life can be, because I am a mother now too. I am grateful to God that my child is not me, because mom you’re a true warrior, I would break me… I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for the years of pain.

You taught me to believe in God, can I say anymore? The foundation of my life, when there’s trials and strife and everyday feels like a chore…What else is more important or practical than that?

Not once have I heard you complain through your pain that would drive one insane you just didn’t. I never heard you curse, saw you drink or converse with defeat… You keep moving.

I will never know the experience of you, I look on from an observers seat. Grace under pressure and never a rester, right now I want to rub your feet….And kiss them.

Why God gave you to me I will never know, one day I will ask Him face to face. With a smile, a soft touch, the Comforter will whisper, my child to show you my Grace…You are that.

Thank you Mother…. For it all.


I am a writer, poet, humorist, screenwriter, blogger. I am not a label. Out of tragedy comes comedy. I see hysterical in the simple. This is my head. I live an extraordinary ordinary life. I am inspired, creative, passionate and fiery. I have been through and will continue. I will put it down and hope you pick it up. I am exposed, vulnerable, honest and authentic. I am sarcastic and witty. My favorite thing to do is watch life and laugh and cry and start over again. I invite you to laugh, release and lighten up with me. When life has kicked your butt, it's all about the comedy! Comedy fuels me, poetry soothes me, and dancing ignites...

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