“STELLA! Mother of Modern Acting” by: Sheana Ochoa

I just read a Master Class on Stella Adler! The book “STELLA! Mother of Modern Acting” took me on a journey into the history, life, art, and ideology of an icon of the theater world, Stella Adler. The history of the Yiddish theater on the lower East Side of Manhattan was written so clearly that I could feel the energy of the people, the community, the struggle and the importance of the contribution of theater that unified these immigrant people. I could, hear, smell and feel the lower East Side. The importance of what the Adler family achieved is historically monumental to an otherwise dreary, depressed neighborhood and time in American history which I was unaware of. That’s just the beginning!  

Getting to know Ms. Adler through this extraordinary read was educational not only in how she taught but also in her belief that it is the responsibility of the actor through craft to make an impact on society. To use theater as a tool for activism. I found this to be an exciting, easy yet intellectual read. It is obvious that the author did her homework! The incredible amount of research that had to have taken place to write this important book translates to the reader. The author’s comprehensive expertise on her subject, as well as her commitment to writing, what I believe should be part of the all actor’s education whether it be part of an academic curriculum in Universities or in community theaters around the globe, is monumental and relevant to teaching the craft of acting. Bravo to Ms. Ochoa for not only recognizing the prominence of Stella Adler and her contribution to the history of theater but also for writing a book that should not be overlooked and live on as a teaching tool as Stella is for me now!  


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